Sultry Kouture Shop

Born and Raised in Detroit, MI, Nikyah Lumbard has always had a vision

for being a business owner. Since she was a little girl, she has had a passion for

designing. As an adolescent, Lumbard’s vision of being a designer and owning

a clothing store was joined by her love for cars and food. She, along with her

cousin, created a plan to open up a Clothing Store/ Auto Shop/Restaurant all in

one. Although it was short lived, it was a step towards a goal she had created for

herself. This is when she realized that she was meant to be an owner and not a


In high school, Nikyah attended a secondary vocational school where

she studied AutoCAD. This was right up her alley. She learned how to design

everything from shoes to houses. Finally, she was on a path to her destiny. After

graduating, Lumbard decided to pursue her education further by attending the

International Academy of Design and Technology in Troy, MI. Although this was

a step in the right direction, extenuating circumstances prevented her from

completing her degree. This minor setback didn’t stop Nikyah. She used the

knowledge from IADT and has continued to educate herself independently.

Moving forward, Nikyah has continuously worked towards perfecting her

craft and sharing her vision with the world. She has been inspired by many, to

whom she is thankful for. Her work has been seen in some of Michigan’s most

prestige fashion segments along with several periodicals and this is only the

beginning. Her work, vision, and passion has not gone unnoticed and the best is

yet to come.

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